Guest writer, Kathleen from Forme Magazine!

Kathleen Cerrer, Editor of Forme Magazine, has offered to write some posts for us!  Here is the first.


Minimalism in Fashion

The ever changing forecast in fashion is exciting, adventurous and sometimes unpredictable. The beauty of it is being able to express ourselves in the most genuine way, without lettings trends take over our identity. Taking your style down to it’s primary and natural form is beautiful. Simplicity in fashion allows one to express themselves in a pure form, letting our true selves shine. 

Minimalism can evoke curiosity, confusion and clarity. These thoughts can ignite the imagination to go anywhere of the beholder and create their own meaning. This simple aesthetic can come off as plain and bare to others, but consists of elements from structure, texture, shape and more. 
The beauty of minimalist dressing is the limitless creativity you can have by this back to basic aesthetic. By de-cluttering and eliminating the excess or the unnecessary, a clean look is formed, which never goes out of style.
Minimalism is classic, it’s timeless, and it will take your wardrobe from day to night, work to play and beyond. Let your body be the canvas and instead of a paint splattered vision, opt for a clean slate. Minimalism lets your mind run free, and lets you appreciate the beauty in simplicity both in fashion and everyday life.

Dark blue tunic, with smoot.h and napped panels

What about a history section?

So I met the founder of the Manitoba Music Museum, and I was glancing around their website.  It occurs to me that it would be very cool to have a historical section site for Winnipeg designers of the past.  Well, designers, models, manufacturers, etc.

Do you think we could find enough content for that?  Were you inspired by someone in Winnipeg, from times past?  Send us a message if you have ideas that we could feature.

Here is an article about the film that came out a few years ago, about modelling in Winnipeg back in the day, by Alf Kollinger: