What about a history section?

So I met the founder of the Manitoba Music Museum, and I was glancing around their website.  It occurs to me that it would be very cool to have a historical section site for Winnipeg designers of the past.  Well, designers, models, manufacturers, etc.

Do you think we could find enough content for that?  Were you inspired by someone in Winnipeg, from times past?  Send us a message if you have ideas that we could feature.

Here is an article about the film that came out a few years ago, about modelling in Winnipeg back in the day, by Alf Kollinger: http://uniter.ca/view/wide-legged-pants-pantsuits-and-shoulder-pads  


New Section, written by you!

We are just reading a blog about filmmaking that has a section called “From the Trenches”, with directors and screenwriters telling of their early experiences. That got us thinking that such a section would be great for this page! As a Manitoba designer, what surprises did you encounter as you tried to build your clientèle, and your brand? What positives did you encounter that kept you going? What challenges did you have to deal with, and how did you do that? What are your next steps for the near future? Write us at wpgfashionincubator at gmail.com, and we’ll post it in the new section, under Designer News.